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Self Service Kiosk is a device that will be installed at your premises which will bring extra effciency to your ordering system and will help you in cost and labor management.

Kiosk orders are sent straight to your Kitchen screen, making the process easy for your staff members.



Customer Satisfaction

The kiosk will provide the best customer satisfaction. They can add or delete an item as many times they want.

Speed up lines

No need to wait in the queue to place an order. Just go to the kiosk and place your order. It's very efficient!

Reduce staff errors

It will largely help you in reducing the staff errors when taking order on the screen.

Zero Setup Fees

We do not charge any setup fees. Sign up to get a free trial with no cost.

No Contracts

We understand it's important for everyone to expeirence the kiosk with no lock in contracts

24/7 Support

Our online support is available anytime during day and night. Feel free to contact us.



24' Kiosk Touch Panel

24' inch display which is ideal for any restaurants, takeaways or cafes. This larger screen is smart and intelligent and integrates well with your eftpos machine.

Android Tab

Android Tablet is fairly a decent size with 7' inch display designed for backend purposes. Used in kitchen for accepting order placed on the kiosk by a customer.

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