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Our Values

Cut Costs

Cut costs for the business. No training required.

Higher Order Value

Encourages upsell and cross-sale.

Speed Up Lines

Reduces queues and allows faster user experience.

Easy To Setup

Get started within minutes.

Save Labour

Save labour and utilise them more efficiently.

Get Insights

Full insights of your saves and ordering trends.

Our Kiosk Range

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Restaurant Stories

Saves us so much time!

Since the day I have installed Tabin kiosk, I am utilizing my staff in the kitchen. It's providing my customers with better user experience.


Tabin kiosk saves us so much labour costs.

The end-to-end approach from Tabin Kiosk helped to reduce labour costs by 25% and boost revenue by up to 40% from the up-selling feature.

We have a great tool!

Tabin's digital menu solution is very comprehensive and focuses on key features which help us resolve our problems. Tabin has great support team.


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